Linkbuilding today

Incoming links are still very important to your website's position. That is no different today than it was a year ago. A recent survey among SEO experts identified "domain level link metrics" as the most important factor:

  • According to the survey, links to your domain get a rating of 8.22 (of 10)
  • Links to individual pages get a rating of 8.19 (of 10)

A successful SEO strategy is not possible without a well rounded process for increasing the quantity and improving the quality of your links.


A tailored strategy

Depending on your resources, we devise a plan, based on an analysis of your current links. Some of the options are:

  • We coordinate with your PR office to come to a systematic approach for new press releases.
  • A blogger outreach program with incentives.
  • Development of a content network with links to your website.

All these methods result in quality links that increase you website's authority and improve your positions in the long term.

Clear objectives

A linkbuilding project to increase your authority value is always done with pre-defined objectives: tangible improvements in organic traffic and keyword positions. You receive a monthly overview from us:

  • The evolution of your most important keywords.
  • The evolution of your link profile.
  • Increase of organic traffic.
  • Other KPIs that were agreed upon.

Depending on the methods that were agreed upon, you will receive a comprehensive and tailored report.