Advertising on Youtube

Focused and volume!

Youtube reaches more than 66% of the population between the ages of 14 and 54 in Belgium. Its targeting methods make Youtube a much preferred channel. Targeting can be based on:

  • Interests
  • sex/age
  • Language/Location
  • Existing remarketing lists

Trueview: only pay when your video is watched

As with AdWords, you only pay when a visitor actually watches the video. This allows us to optimize your campaign for demographics with the best view rates and view times:

  • Reach the right demographic
  • Pay the lowest cost per view
  • Attain maximum reach


Creativity makes the difference

We go beyond getting more views. How can we leverage Youtube along with other channels?

  • Leveraging Youtube to build remarketing lists
  • Video cascades for specific target groups
  • Creative overlays and annotations

We will strive to find the approach that suits you best.