Remarketing with Adwords

Remarketing works

Everybody does remarketing nowadays and there is a reason for that: remarketing works for 80% of all websites. However, strategy is an aspect that is often taken too lightly.
A remarketing strategy must:

  • Reach the right audience
  • Not be overdone (less is more!)
  • Be adjusted and tested constantly

Remarketing through AdWords

Google offers many remarketing options. Remarketing can be done on practically all of Google's channels:

  • Through search ads (display different search ads to existing visitors)
  • Through banners op the Google Display Network
  • Through Youtube
  • Through dynamic shopping ads (ideal for webshops)

The trick is to elaborate an encompassing strategy which brings all these channels together.

How can we help you?

Remarketing requires a strategic plan, a technical setup and the creation of graphics. We will help you with :

  • Segmenting the right demographic for the right channel
  • Installing the right technical aspects
  • Creating the right communication for each demographic

Once everything starts moving, we monitor everything closely. Contact us for a conversation and to get an overview of your remarketing possibilities.