Advertising in Gmail

What are Gmail Ads?

Gmail Ads are unique ads that are only displayed in Gmail inboxes. Basically they are ads that look like e-mails. When a Gmail ad is opened, the user sees the entire ad, which can consist of a picture or even a video.

This is one of Google's newer products, which very few advertisers are making use of.


Unique targeting methods

The targeting methods are extremely well suited for B2C. After all, almost everybody has a Gmail account. Targets can include:

  • People that have e-mails of competing or related products
  • Keywords
  • Remarketing lists
  • People that make online purchases
  • Sex/Age/Language/Region

Suited for branding en lead generation

Given the very high click through ratio's (they look like e-mails) this channel is very effective for branding purposes and is also a good alternative/extra channel for display advertising. The opened ad allows you to display an image or a video.

Because of the option to target "buyers" and people with e-mails from the competition, this can also be interesting for lead generation.

Interested? We will help you with the setup and follow-up.